Manjia Luo is an international violinist and awards piano composer who performs in a passionate, elegant, ballerina style. Her music & performance often bring her audiences tears of joy.














Manjia Luo at St. Matthews Church Albury 2014 (Media credits: The Border Mail)


MANJIA LUO - International Concert Violinist, Awards Pianist/ Composer and Dancer who performs in a passionate, natural grace, ballerina style. Her music & performances have touched many hearts, often bring her audiences into tears of joy. Manjia's Piano "Love Particles" received the 1st Prize in Instrumental at ASA Awards 2014. Manjia’s Piano  also was the winner of MusicOz Awards 2013 in Jazz/Classical.

About Manjia Music

Manjia Music full of love and passion, her performance perfectly mixed west classical instrumental with ingredients of Asian melody, crossed the classical contemporary and new age relaxation, jazz improvised genres into  modern digital and acoustic heavenly vibe with her unique characters new  music type.   It brings her audiences unforgettable experiences.

Manjia have been conducting series of concerts of her original music. Her passion and talents shine through her concerts. In 2012, Manjia performed her Piano Violin  Concert “Water & Life “ at Sydney Opera House. In 2008 Manjia performed her natural environmental concert “The Earth & Life” in China University Tour in Guangzhou & Beijing. In 2007, Manjia has performed her touching violin as supporting artist in USA concert tour. In 2014, Manjia Piano Violin Concert “Love Particles” won the 1st Prize in Instrumental at Australia Songwriting Award, and was nominated into 2015 Australian Music Awards in Instrumental. Manjia Newest Violin  “Love Fruits On The Life Tree” was recorded at Australia Institute of Music in May 2015, while the beautiful violin sound already touched American Audiences her recent USA visiting trip along the way from New York to Niagara Falls in North-East region.

Manjia’s relaxation music has been active at Festivals of Australia major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania and Perth etc. since 2010. In 2013, Manjia’s relaxation album “Sleeping Beauty” was selected by Australia Airline Qantas for season’s inflight relaxation channel. Manjia has released more than 15 CDs & 2 HD DVDs and conduct hundreds solo concerts in Public & Private since 2005.

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Manjia Luo concert at Sydney Opera House 2012













Manjia lives in Sydney, Australia. Original from China. She was born in Guangzhou, grew up in Beijing. Started to play instrumental from childhood,  classical trained in violin.

Manjia was  a dancer and poet .  She is also an intuitive photographer. Her love to the nature and art, inspired her to create the beauty of her music.

All my passion to the music that bring love and peace to the world.

And with my heartfelt thanks to all who have inspirited and supported me along the way.




CD “Autumn Spectacle”                         CD “Love Particles” (2014)                DVD “Nature’s Romance”


                        MANJIA LUO – Manjia Music 2013 Collection No. 1

Album Title :                   <Autumn Spectacle> - Heavenly Piano & Violin Music

Genryies :                      Contemporary Classical / New Age

                                   MANJIA LUO – Manjia Music 2014 Collection

Album  Title:                  <Love Particles>  - Piano Violin Contemporary


Manjia Music has strong healing effect, which is inspired by her spiritual experiences. Manjia  album "Sleeping Beauty", with the simple purity of crystal sound and gentle strings, bring transcending energy into home environment.The tranquil melodies help manifest the subconscious through imagination.