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 Manjia Luo is a creative violinist/awards pianist composer. Her performance makes the difference, in an elegant and  passionate style . She brings  unforgettable experience to her audiences,  which is  more than "Feeling Good, Romantic, Relaxing."..


Relaxation Meditation Music

Music is the greatest source of relaxation for people world over. Manjia’s piano music reverberates with tranquil & relaxing melodies which touch everyone from newborns to elderly people. Listen to the relaxing piano music during meditation, workouts or just a relaxing siesta.




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Manjia Piano Music was honoured   in 20 12

MusicOz Awards 2012 Top 5 in Jazz / Classical; ASA Awards 2012 The 4th Place in Instrumental for Her Piano Composition "Bunny Run Through An Easter Tunnel".   

 Manjia Music Collection 2013 No. 1 


2013 Best Instrumental  Music For Relaxation , Meditation, Healing, Study Concentration, Sleeping & Morning Wake up.

Manjia has released more than 15 CDs & DVDs. MM 2013 Collection No. 1 includes her 16 selected best piano & violin tracks .















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      Reviews :  <Autumn Spectacle> is worth to listen & Buy!!

Age: 35-44 (Soundout Team UK USA Feb. 2013) 

1.      First thing I noticed is how soothing the music was. This was an amazing performance. I have to say that this is one of the best performances I have heard and seems to have much feeling involved in it. Super performance! 

2.     Definitely influenced by George Gershwin. Light and airy piece with concise movement and delightful use of melody and tempo  shifts. Contemporary and timeless in the same breath.


3.     Lovely clssical piano track. Very refreshing and a nice composition. Reminds in places of works by Erik Satie but has its own style. This would be great to listen to during a concert and would work well as a piece for a ballet.


4.     A nice piece. The piano sound is warm but powerful. I think It's a song to relax and go with the constant ups an downs in the style of a harp. I liked the chages of scale throughout the song that give it a more interesting aspect. .The interpreter looks like a great pianist, and how composing is rather unusual, with those notes as short and straight, they do surprise you. 

5.     The piano was the entire show in this number! I was impressed at all the different images each key stroke conjured up in my mind, this is poetry put to music. Such a splendid piece I was sorry when it ended and would enjoy hearing more of this moving music! Even though there was only one instrument being played it was like a whole band was performing. I think every element of this track is perfect in every sense, bravo!


6.     Beautiful piano. Stunning. love the romantic feel to this piece. It draws you in and holds you,perfect. Lovely blend of light and shade,just wonderful to listen to, would love to hear this played on the classic music radio. Excellent piece of music 

7.     A beatiful peice of music. You can hear the passion in the piano playing, like a story of two lovers or two swans floating on a still lake on a clear autum morning. I can see this peice being part of a movie score or a broadway play. There's pleny of texture to the song,from the composition to the note. Very well written


8.     The piano was very elegant. The stronger elements of playing show their passion. The constant key strokes as if you are talking to someone about a passion. after istening to this I agree with those who say music is food for the soul.

9.     The paino music in the background music is soft and flowing, it really floats over your shoulders and makes you feel at home. The structure has this happy and free spirited energy about it all. I like the whole interesting concept of the great sounding beat  and tempo. I like the wonderfully done harmonies and melodies. The tune has it's highs and lows but overall it makes me think of many kinds of desireable moments in time where I was happy as a monkey and had no care in the world. It brings some classical classiness back into my life and really has a sweet personality.


11.   If you love piano, you'll definitely love this tune. Such a peaceful, flowing tune that'll carry you away into a feeling of peace. One never hears enough beautiful piano music, and with this classic tune, you'll want to hear it all the way to the end. 

12.   This song has a verry nice melody. .the piano player did a great job of hitting her high, and low notes. she made the noes come together in a melody of multitudes. She has tremendous talent and im sure will succeed. 

13.   I'm writing this review early in the morning and i must say that there was something instantly soothing to these piano melodies. I liked the piano sound and the free spirited manner in which the piano was played. The melodies were almost like rain falling down,.. 

14.   Very relaxing! I can see this played as part of a play in the theater. Very soothing music. I can hear the instruments very well played. I can hear the piano detailed. Makes me travel my imagination. 

15.   This piece would seem to be a cross between classical piano and relaxation music, without quite being either. The harmonic modulations are appealing, though the embellishments are somewhat too prominent and detract from the melodic/harmonic development. This piece would be suitable as background music in the home or in the office. 

16.   Changing speed, high notes, its intriguing and gentle at the same time. This music is alive. Some times is like the wind and another times like droplets of rain falling to the ground. Grabs my attention.

17.   this is a tuneful and harmonious piece of music with flowing and smooth continuity. Still loving the music and how soft and flutently the notes are playing. Super song and I m sure baby-boomers and their parents would love the music in this song. 

18.   Lovely piano intro a very smooth, relaxing classical melody. The notes are piano very well. This is music with feeling, would be great for a love story movie score. It's a scene of drama in the melody when it gets deeper.

Age: 16-24  reciews

1.     Definitely some nice easy listening, The vibe the piano gives off is brilliant. The build up/ arrangement of the song is good, it never feels like the song is bare or boring. Overall this song is 10/10 worthy


2.     This song sounds like heaven. I loved the passionate piano playing, there are so many dimensions to this song. It tells a story and puts a restless mind to sleep. What a wonderful song this would be as a lullaby or perhaps a song for a wedding. What a treat for the ears and the soul.


3.     The piano is absolutely mesmerizing. Delicate and lovely and timeless classical style. The quality of the recording could be louder. This would make a wonderful soundtrack. Thank you for a refreshing break!


4.     The progression of chords used here is nice. The lyrical melody voiced by the grand piano is well versed. I like the emotion and passion  evoked with every note hit by the artist. This is truly a magical piece that takes you into another place. 

5.     It's nice and mellow. Its nice for relaxing or having in the background while browsing the web or just chilling. the acoustics are nice. the piano has a nice theme.


6.     It's a beautiful melody, it reminds me of a baby's lullaby. I like the different elements of this track. There is something very soothing and calming element to it. I could see myself having a glass of wine and relaxing to this. I love it. 

7.     The music is like magic massaging every area of my body. The instruments blend together efortlessly making me float along with the music. It is still very enjoyable because of the variation of sounds, but very relaxing at the same time. I love how the music flows through the air as if it is trying to collect the sole of anyone around it. ..The finish is simple yet very elegant. 

8.     This track has a great even story to it. It gently sweets along the keys of a piano. Everything about this track will enchant the listener. Whether it be for background music or enjoyment to those who love to experience music, this track is a great choice. 

9.     Reminds me of Chopin's nocturnes, and has that iconic rubato style to it. Makes me feel like I am on a relaxing journey on the water or going through the woods. The two lines of music co-existing go together well.


10.   Beautiful. ..I feel if I close my eyes I could see a ballet being done to this song., the element is as if I'm walking on air. Great job.

11.   I think it's a beatiful melody. I love the elements in this. It has a calming tone to it, and sounds like something out of a ballet

12.   I, as do many others, have a very soft spot in our hearts for the calming melody of a beautiful instrumental. The careful tone and loving harmony of this song is no exception. I want to listen, continuously and happily. It is its own reward. It is dance music. It is tea music. It is rest music. And it is perfect music.


13.   I'm digging the piano at the beginning. I love the chord transformations going on in this song. I would put this in a playlist to listen to while I try to fall asleep. It's very, classical sounding. I generally like classical music and this reminds me of Bach. It's actually VERY reminicent of Bach.


14.   The piano is so graceful in this song. It captures your thoughts and makes you dance inside your mind. I would have to describe it as sophisticated and elegant at the utmost. You can just imagine the conductors' fingers gliding across the keys because it's so detailed and intricate with each instrument that has been used. The music is timeless and the sound is astonishing. I wouldn't mind listening to this song as I drift off to sleep. 


15.   this is really nice i love this instrumental,the harmony is magnificent its wonderful and so peaceful it makes me feel good inside and think about lovely happy thoughts, this is definitely a piece that i would love to listen to all the time, they did a brilliant job. 

16.   Wow! this song paint a beautiful picture and if you know and good music then you would agree with me. this music is also soothing and you can get a lot of work done while listening to music as classic as this.


17.   I feel this is really enchanting and relaxing. It will be great to listen to when you want to ease your mind

18.   This song is so smoothly executed on the piano, each note that is hit reminds you of rain drops and the different sound each one makes as it hits a different surface. Each melody flows into the next one as it brings you up and down a roller coaster of high notes and low note that collide with each other and then go on their own path again. . I can only see this song being played while somebody is doing things around the house like cooking, bathing, eating and so on. as it is great background music and lightens up your mood almost instantly.


19.   The music had a very classical feel, mellowing, calming. The notes seemed to ebb and flow effortlessly, almost provoking rapid thought. Through speakers, the tone on the piano is twinkling and celestialike. Could listen to something like this for hours 

20.   This piece has aspects of classical piano, but paired very well with some newer, more fun and lighthearted melodies that together make up a piece that is very interesting and pleasing to listen to. I very much enjoyed listening to this piece of music. I think the artist did a wonderful job making this piece stand out as a classical yet new age piano song. Contemporary yet classic, and I love how the musician kept the light and flowy feel to the entire song.


21.   I love the slow beat, its the best way to calm you down, or need a break, the Instruments are amazing, they put there heart and soul into this song, I just love it, the Piano is so beautiful.


22.   This is a lovely song that I would expect to become popular. It's gentle waves of instrumental work is captivating and dreamy. Expressions of simple adventure are hard to dislike, and there are little touches and nuances here and there that make this piece unique. For example, it feels organic, as if I can feel another human expressing themselves through those piano keys, beautiful, even if it's imperfect at times.. and that is why I find it hard to criticize it, as it's imperfections are a part of its charm.


23.   I find this song highly relaxing. Piano is incredibly enjoyable to listen to. It makes me think of the style of music in the film Pride and Prejudice. When doing homework it is hard to listen to music with words. I find listening to instrumental piano music helps me to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. I certainly enjoy this song.


24.   Very smooth sound and flow. Has very good energy, and exceptional use of major and minor chords. I found this very enchanting,it sounds like it could be a soundtrack or in an opera. Very easy listening.


25.   this was a very nice piece. it had me picturing a spring day,in a meadow, with children or young lovers frolicking with the breeze. ..


26.   This is a nice classical peace i like the melody of the high end of the piano. this is really soothing on the ears and i would listen to it all day long. you have skills on the piano. the bass is nice and low. this would would make good backing ground music for a tv advert.


27.   This piano piece is light and sparkling, with a crisp, fresh tone and tinkling high notes. Some memorable motifs and a shapely melody, with a nice variation in dynamics. It sounds clean and would sit nicely on the decks of classical radio


28.   I thought it had a nice introduction to the song. The harmony was good, it made me think of more postive things. I loved the sounds of the piano, it gave it a very beautiful sound.


29.   A relaxing evening would be a good time to play this. It could be enjoyed by a classical music fan.


30.   lovely musical piece if your into classical music. Could be a hit with classical music fans . .


31.   I really enjoyed listening to this song. It had a type of motzart feel to it, but it was one of those that you could be doing homework or something and still have this playing in the back of youre head. the melody was very nice and i personally liked the keystrokes on this piano. some of the elements of the track I enjoyed was that the melody was smoothe and really sounded nice on the ears


32.   Love the romantic sound. I love listening to music on a piano it is so soothing and calm sounding. Whoever wrote this piece is very talented. I think this would be a great song to be played at a wedding for couples to dance to.


33.   This piece is beautifully written. I especially like how the beginning starts off mezzopiano, then progresses into a face paced ensemble with fluttering notes that would glitter up a concert hall. Not a single wrong note, from what I heard. Excellent job!


34.   very beautiful and relaxing especially with the melody of the piano. Its enjoyable and wouldn't mind falling asleep to it especially when sometimes I would have time trouble sleeping. It would also be a good music for when you want to getaway like for example Id take a hot shower and listen to it. Its just a very pretty sound of the piano and I love it!


35.   This piano line sounds rather interesting. I liked the fact that it is very complex and has numerous variations within the line, there are numerous deviations and changes within this theme… it is serious, clever music, piano playing, and not something cheap.


36.   I don't normally listen to music like this but I was pleasantly surprised and actually wanted to listen to more. The piano was absolutely beautiful. It sounded so pure and simple. Also, I could "feel" the music. The artist played in such a way that I could tell it was supposed to be meaningful.


37.   What a good way to put good talent in use and be express into something that is beautiful. Music is not just Amazing sound roaming the air but has meaning to it and can relate to people that it's just not great music but a great use of boldness and complex, that add depth to the song. the track itself is really something yep it reminds me how music and shipshape into different things.


38.   Soft and relaxing yet keeps your mind wondering! reminds me of phantom of the opera mixed with a sweet love song. I feel as if I were sitting in a park with the birds chirping and sun glistening. high and low tempo nothing but piano 

39.   The intro starts off into a romantic melody encouraged by the tone and strokes of the instruments. The picture that the artists gives off to me could be like walking into a field of flowers with the sun gleaming down and falling onto a soft pillow of grass while staring at the sky. The lyrics are , as we all can see, depends upon your own imagination. I love the way the rhythm floats out but comes back quickly with a strong meaning. . Good song! 

40.   Song like this would be perfect for a movie soundtrack or any easy listening fan for that matter.


41.   Soft intro is very pretty. I like the almost asian flair to the instrument. Very relaxing rhythm. Sort of reminds me of a chinese harp player. Very rich tones and steady hand. It sounds like a mixture of piano and harp, either way I like it alot. Echo of the symphony sounds nice compared to the winter wind blowing the snow around the side of our house.. 

42.   i like the classical paino playing. it is really relaxing. this is something that i would listen to, to put me to sleep in a good way. i like how soft the melody is i think is shows real talent. im glad the song didnt have vocals or another background beat that would have taken away from the song. 

43.   This song is very peaceful, makes me feel as i am floating. its very classical. the tone is very great and the instruments sound beautiful. ..


44.   The Melody sits nicely with my soul. The piano playing is free and unstructured, but i enjoy it like quiet jazz.   it is pleasant to listen to. 

45.   This track is relaxing and please the ears. It's got a classic feel a touch of jazz and is very attractive. It has nice mood very chill. Nice tone on the piano, nice touch and good musicianship. This is a true artist right here who can really play his instrument.


46.   very nice smooth piano sound to it. i really like the musicality of it giving you the sense of sort of open countryside. it's almost cinematic in this sense. The high keys on the piano which gave a sort of frilly sound almost resembled bird song whilst at the bottom end the bass notes gave the piece a full and colourful feeling 

47.   Really well performed piece of music, not what I would normally listen to at all, however I did find this really relaxing to listen to. . Relaxing and a change. The speed of the track was really good, as was the tempo. A mixture of pieces without repeating.


48.   The piano player in this song is very skilled indeed!. The pianist seems to utilize a wide array of chords in the key in which he is playing, as well as scales which give the melody of the song a strong color in terms of a classical type feel. I know that my parents have a taste for this kind of classical style music and would very much like to buy it… I do find the melody and the finesse in which the pianist plays to be particularly soothing. I would imagine this song to be purchased by people who are involved in aroma-therapy or other kinds of therapy that involve music, or even a spa, just because it is very soothing to the ear and give a relaxing mood. I would give a perfect score if I was in need of music to clear my mind and relax my thoughts.

Age: 25-34  Reviews

1.      this piece feels like sitting in front center of a ballet play....the piano flows smoothly and is quite moving in it own self...each note is in its unique balance and has efficient tone that makes one feel calm and relaxed at the same time playful...this is by far a brilliant piece!


2.      The intoduction of the song makes me feel like I'm laying in a field of flowers. It gives you calming feeling of  serentity. The Piano playing is awe-inspiring and takes you to places you haven't been before. One hand keeps the rhythm and the other moves you to new heights. .Piano playing let me reiterate its exeptionalism.


3.      the voice of piano makes you to feel the music deeply in your heart in your mind.the melody plays like the bird in the air.  it seems like classical could be chooesen as the best. 


4.      I love the piano and I like what you have done with this song. It tells a story and takes you into a daze of great thoughts and dreams. The melody is simple, but yet, soothing, light, and inspiring.


5.      Put me into a relaxing mood. Pianist shows their skills off for sure. Soothing if your in a wine sipping read a book with some background music. Melody is very pretty. Good chord progression. Reminds me of a dream


6.      This piece is not only intellectual but I can hear the soul that is being played in this piece. It sounds like art being played in music form. I want to know who this is. I just appreciate that everything is able to flow from the mind of the heart in this particular piece.


7.        It starts off beautifully with an energetic piano performance that is rich in light colorful notes. There are a few off notes, but the listener can tell it is on purpose. It gives the song personality. The song seems to grow in maturity as it progresses.


8.      This track reminded me of like. Smooth sailing one moment, rough seas the next. The pianist performed the piece masterfully. …the piano told the entire story. The tone of the piano never went from happy to angry or sad, but simply stumbled over itself at times. The track is magnificent, and I can see this getting lots of air time on the classical radio stations.


9.      This piece starts with very humble piano melody. I love the piano  sound. The melody keeps on changing giving hint that feelings changing too. From gentle goes to more emotional, that might be love drama, other sort of feelings culmination. Very calming and relaxing. Easy and nice to listen. Would be great before bed or while studying or doing your hobby.


10.    The piano part in the beginning is very nice - it sounds like an exotic instrumental piece from a beautiful Asian country - China, Japan or Korea. As the track moves along, it is evident that there is a classical European touch to it, too. This mix-up of genres makes this track very original and definitely something to listen to when you want to relax and not think about anything. A very soothing and meditative track.


11.    The piano part is very pretty and enjoyable to listen to. The scales are elegant and flowing and relaxing to hear. .Recalling the sound of running water in nature, or the emotion of being carefree, the song evokes enough emotion and visualization to be recognized instantly as talented composition and performance.


12.     As soon as the piece started I found the first 30 seconds to be really relaxing Zen-like music which created a soulful atmospheric sound. If it was an element it would definitely be soft rain, natural sound.


13.    This is a classic piano play. there is a nice rythem in it. its a little bit medoly dramatic, but that sounds very nice to listen to. i would like to hear this more often. its makeing me relaxed and mindless.


14.    I loved the melody of the piano, very nice soothing and relaxing to listen to. A unique classical track to sit down, close your eye's, .listen to. i was definitely hypnotized by the great sounds that display symphony and harmony. So classy, The chords of the piano had the perfect sound.'s perfect just the way it is. A nice smooth soothing instrumental.

15.    The beginning was very alluring, how the piano made out a magnificent performance. The piano was very lovely, and how it plays out it really made me love this song all the more than other. The piano is really a soothing tone, but on the other hand, this sounds a little to original coming from only a piano. It sounds like something you would hear in a diner or in a really nice restaurant. The performance the pianist really shows how he can move his/her fingers on the piano and create soothing tons note by note. But the song does sound very original, but I am sure the pianist has no trouble in the commercial business because he/she plays very lovely.


16.    The piano solo started of quite beautifully …Something my infant daughter would fall asleep to comfortably.


17.    nice classical and very pretty introduction. the piano work is nice… it takes a lot to be able to play like that. sounds as if the player is really into it. i'm not a big fan of non lyrical music but this does sound pretty.


18.    This arrangement reminds me of something I would hear playing in the lobby of a funeral home. Very soothing chords, comforting rythm, and gives you that little ounce of peace. Very great arrangement and nicly played. Definitely relaxing to the soul. This is something that people would be interested in.








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