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Manjia Music - Healing / Relaxing / Inspiring / Meditating



Manjia is  top 5 in Jazz / Classical at MusicOZ Awards 2012 with her Piano  Music "Bunny Run Through An Easter Tunnel ".

Click to Listen Manjia Newest Violin / Piano Tracks 2012

Manjia pours all her love for nature and beauty into creating relaxing music. Having touched the hearts of millions all over the world, these relaxing music melodies have garnered many awards for her.Manjia Music "Blue Heaven Violin", "Inspiration & Love",  "Travel With Light", "Autumn Spectacle", "In My Eyes", "Love" , "Flower's Dream" etc. also into Finalists in catagories of Christian/Spiritual, Instrumental, Classical/Jazz, World/Folk, and Dance / Electronic at MusicOz Awards 2012.

Manjia is also a top 100 artists voted  on musicoz 2012 chart at rank of 42th by the end of competition in  May.

'Manjia Music meet your life style in 4 seasons'

Manjia at India Club Dawali Function 2010

Clip: Nature's Romance DVD

  DVD <Nature's Romance>   AUD$19.99  Buy    
Manjia elegant and unique style of music have touched the audiences worldwide, often bringing tears of joy.

DVD features Australian top relaxation music.  Music composers : Manjia Luo, Ken Davis, Fiona J. Hawkins, and Stewart Dudley. The director of photography / editor Christopher R. Collins, and producer Martin Guinness have  won multi international film festivals awards.























Latest News

<Flight Of Joy>

 Manjia Public Performance 2012

03/05/12, Thur. 12 - 12.30

MBS Festival, Sydney Exhibition Centre

04/05/12, Fri. 11.30 - 12

MBS Festival, Sydney Exhibition Centre

06/05/12, Sun. 4.30 - 5pm

MBS Festival, Sydney Exhibition Centre

----------------------------------------------------02/06/12 Sat. - 03/06/12 Sun. Adelaide Body Mind Psychic Expo,  Adelaide Showgrounds

08/06/12 Fri. 11.30am - 12.00

MBS Festival, Melbourne Exhibition Centre

09/06/12 Sat. 4.30 - 5.00pm

MBS Festival, Melbourne Exhibition Centre

10/06/12 Sun. 4.30 - 5.00pm

MBS Festival, Melbourne Exhibition Centre


26/02/12  Sun 10-11am:

Bodhi Festival, Newcastle

(Chai Stage, Groud Floor of Abode Of Peace, Cnr Hunter & Perkins St, Newcastle)

17/03/12 Sat. 6pm concert

Bohemian Rhapsody Club , Melbourne


MindBodySpirit Festivals, Nov. 2011

03/11/2011  Thur. 4.30pm - 5.00pm  Sydney Exhibition Centre (Stage inside Hall 1)

04/11/2011 Fri.  4.00pm - 4.30pm, Sydney Exhibition Centre

06/11/2011 Sun.  4.30pm - 5.00pm, Sydney Exhibition Centre

18/11/2011 Fri. 4.30pm - 5.00pm, Melbourne Exhibition Centre

20/11/2011 Sun. 4.30pm-5.00pm, Melbourne ExhibitionCentre


Manjia Newest DVD release in Nov. 2011:

<Dance With Waterfall - Blue Mountains Inspiration>

              Relaxation / Healing / Inspiration / Meditation


Manjia Stage Live Performance

5/11/2011 Sat. 7.00pm India Club Dawali Function 2011, Castle Grand Function Hall,  1-17 Castle Street, (Corner Pennant and Castle Street), Castle Hill . Contact: Shubha Kumar 9873 1207, 0402 257 588.



Manjia Music Blessing Concert 2011

20/05/2011 3.30pm, Sydney Exhibition Centre at 2011 MindBodySpirit Festival

10/06/2011 5.00pm, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 2011 MindBodySpirit Festival

11/06/2011 4.30pm, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 2011 MindBodySpirit Festival

07/05/2011, 7.00pm Brookfield Vineyard, Hobart