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Manjia Music - Healing / Relaxing / Inspiring / Meditating


Video: Blue Mountain Inspiration - Manjia Luo Dance with Waterfall


  DVD <Nature's Romance>   AUD$19.99  Buy    
Manjia elegant and unique style of music have touched the audiences worldwide, often bringing tears of joy.

DVD features Australian top relaxation music.  Music composers : Manjia Luo, Ken Davis, Fiona J. Hawkins, and Stewart Dudley. The director of photography / editor Christopher R. Collins, and producer Martin Guinness have  won multi international film festivals awards.




Clip: Nature's Romance DVD

Video: Blue Heaven Concert Manjia Luo (Violin)


Video: Manjia Piano Recital 2015 at St. Paul Anglican Church Burwood


Video "Water & Life"(Violin & Piano) - Manjia Luo